HappyGrumpy is a new way of conducting polls. It is accurate, rapid and free. You can design and execute sophisticated polls in seconds, then start sampling and tracking public views.

If you need to poll or monitor public opinion, you should start using HappyGrumpy now.

You can monitor public reaction by the hour, day, week or month.

You simply enter your poll subjects, (e.g. person, topic, corporation, product, brand, issue, geography etc.), click go and your poll will execute, save and track statistics over time. You can even download the data or share using social media.

You can do this instantly, (Twitter Analytics, Public Opinion Report) just enter your account, subject, issue or brand and see the results in seconds or set up a continuous poll (My Polls) which will track your poll day by day.

Frequently Asked Questions

HappyGrumpy analyzes data from the web, predominantly Twitter. We are working on other social sources such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest and will be available soon.

At the moment we are cooperating with a variety of people and organizations. For example,

  • Corporations
  • Marketing departments
  • Political Analysts
  • Brand managers
  • PR companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Reporters
  • News desks
  • Governments

HappyGrumpy is not only a professional tool. You can use it to track your interests. It is friendly, simple and FREE.

HappyGrumpy polls are:

  • highly accurate
  • methodically and mathematically rigorous
  • set up rapidly
  • able to varied, expanded
  • automatically updated
  • continuous
  • able to track market and population response in real time
  • immune from many of the common, poll biases

…and free!

Conventional polls can be biased by…HappyGrumpy Polls
Wording of questionsHappyGrumpy doesn’t ask questions, it just listens
Response biasHappyGrumpy respondents have already expressed their views before we poll
Telephone biasHappyGrumpy doesn’t use the phone
Nonresponse biasHappyGrumpy doesn’t have non responses
Sampling and size biasHappyGrumpy samples are typically much larger than conventional polls, we randomly take huge sets of opinions over short periods of time
Interviewer bias/consistencyHappyGrumpy is an automated AI/ML systems, its approach is always consistent, unlike human teams

HappyGrumpy does have a bias of course, it’s respondents all express themselves on the Internet, but overall this is proving to generate highly accurate results.

Conventional polls are also “fixed” i.e. you ask a question and get an answer. It’s not possible to change mid-poll. HappyGrumpy polls can be continuously refined.

For example, you might run a poll to extract views on politicians, say “Hilary Clinton Vs. Bernie Sanders”. On seeing the results you might refine this to just “New Hampshire,” then by an issue such as “Education”, and so on. There is no limit to the number of refinements you can make… and it is instantaneous and free.

HappyGrumpy is very accurate. Below are just 3 examples from the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign

Conventional pollsHappyGrumpy Polls
“Fiorina rockets to No. 2 behind Trump in GOP field” CNN 21st Sep 2015 at 12:17 GMTHappyGrumpy shows a significant upswing in Fiorina’s poll on Sept 12th overtaking Trump on Sept 17th 2015
“Donald Trump’s slide in the polls is beginning to look real” Washington Post 25th Sep 2015, Anderson Robbins Research / Shaw & Company Research pollHappyGrumpy shows downturn starting from Sept 6th 2015
"Ben Carson leads Donald Trump nationally” CNN 3rd NovHappygrumpy shows Ben Carson leads Donald Trump 25th Oct 2015

Typically, HappyGrumpy polls are 1-2 weeks ahead of conventional polls as our technological approach and methodology is simply faster and more immediate.

HappyGrumpy uses SENTRA, a highly advanced, AI/ML based emotional analysis tools. SENTRA is a Zoral product, representing nearly 80 man years of research and development. SENTRA is not simply a sentiment analysis tool, it uses RL3®, sophisticated entity extraction. It not only understands depth of emotion and mood, but also what is being said, analyzing emotion at an entity level. This enables HappyGrumpy to build accurate “vote” analysis for almost any range of subjects/entities.

There will always be a role for human to human contact, but with its level of accuracy, immediacy and low cost, HappyGrumpy polls are becoming a powerful public opinion tool.

HappyGrumpy has a native app for the iPad and iPhone. Click here for more information.
You can also use HappyGrumpy with Google Android. Click here for more information.


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